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Cody and Paula are great hosts! I came by to visit them in their home and meet Hunter, Saphira and her new beta litter. Saphira is a really sweet cat and a loving mother. Cody keeps me updated with the progress of the beta litter as I am on the waiting list and the level of service is much appreciated. I can tell that Cody and Paula are very passionate about their cats and their kittens. They always answer my questions by email within 1 hr or less. Cody and Paula are very personable, reliable, and friendly and I'm looking forward to seeing them and the beta kittens again soon!


Both Cody and Paula were very informative with all the questions and concerns we've had with Ragnar. We can clearly see he was well taken care of in their home with his current behaviour with us. He is a very lovely and playful cat and has been from the very beginning. It was a pretty awesome experience with him coming to us from the very first visit. Cody and Paula, thank you for letting us visit every week, it was a great experience seeing him grow up with his sisters Lola and Vera. Thank you for being the great breeders you are. I'll send some pictures some time soon so you guys can see how much he's grown.


When I reserved our Silver Marbled Bengal "Maui" from West Coast Bengals close to 3 months ago. It was so comforting knowing how good of a home the kittens were being raised in before they were released at 12 weeks old. Our Bengal is very social, LOVES attention, LOVES to cuddle, LOVES people and LOVES to play. It is without a doubt that Cody and Paula raise their kittens with love and care, in the heart of their own home. Not the garage or a shed. But In a beautiful home filled with toys and a wonderful cat trees. Cody and Paula are always available to answer any questions you may have. They encourage you to keep in touch and send updates of your Bengal as he or she grows. They do this because they genuinely care about their kittens. We will definitely use West Coast Bengals again and we really look forward to it.


It is obvious Cody and Paula love their Bengals and do everything to ensure you get the right kitten for you and have all the information, tools and support you need to make your new family member is happy from day 1.


Very friendly and professional. We love our kitty!


Great experience! Very informative and happy to help. Beautiful kitten that we love.


We got our little Jax from them. They are amazing breeders, their kittens and cats are part of the family and truly cared for. They are clean, healthy, loved, and well socialized. They get to roam and play all day until they find their forever home. Wish I could have them all!!


Absolutely the best breeders in Chilliwack. Both Paula and Cody were extremely friendly and informative. Never failed to answer any of my questions. It was always a pleasure to go up to their house and visit our kitten. You can really tell they put the time in to socialize their cats and kittens and keep them healthy. Our new addition is now home with us and is adjusting to his new home and we couldn't be happier. If your looking for a bengal I suggest you come visit West Coast Bengals!


My daughter and I fell in love with Beta #1 now we named "Latte" when she first crawled on my daughter's lap on our first visit. After 4 weeks we finally brought her home today. She's an angel.

Cody and Paula have been so helpful and accomodated our requests to visit Latte weekly before she turned 12 weeks. We even got a whole bag of goodies filled with Latte favorite
Toys and food.

After we had been home for an hour, this cutie is already playing with us and climbing her cat tree!


Just adopted a baby girl. They went above and beyond answering questions and finding our answers for us. Highly recommended. The kitty is going great and her big sister loves her to death.


Outstanding pair who truly care about the kittens they raise. Our little kitten is adventurous, inquisitive and loving. She's also a beauty, just like her older brother.


We just brought home our second kitten from West Coast Bengals and could not be happier with both of them. They are happy, healthy, and so great with people. It is obvious that Cody and Paula love what they do and they made the entire process enjoyable throughout. If you are considering bringing a Bengal into your family, I would not hesitate to recommend contacting West Coast Bengals!


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