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Brown Bengal kitten


Is to produce the perfect feline companion, one of incredible color/markings and a personality worthy of the Bengal breed. 


We specialize in the incredibly rare Silver Bengal.

In order to produce a Black Silver Spotted/Marbled Bengal you must have one parent with an (i) inhibitor gene (Silver). This gene blocks the color yellow in the coat. All Silvers are Brown Bengals with the inhibitor gene.


We want to control these bloodlines and therefore rarely sell Breeder class kittens. We also believe pulling from these bloodlines produces the perfect companion/pet a Bengal can be, and see no need to alter the bloodlines path by selling Breeders.

The Marble coat pattern is also carried by all our cats but rarely presents itself. 



The Difference


The Kings, Queens and kittens are loved and taken care of by our entire family. This cattery has been a life goal of mine and I do not do it for financial gain. My wife and I are semi-retired and are home most of the day to care and socialize with all our animals.

When you purchase a Bengal kitten from us, you are not only getting a cute/cuddly kitten. You are getting a kitten brought up to interact with humans and with skills needed for proper integration into a human household. We pride ourselves on this.


​Our kittens are socialized most of the day to get them used to playing and interacting with humans and for us to see their individual personalities. ​​​ 

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